INKI was founded on the belief that device-as-a-service is the ideal model for the new generation of agile, efficient, environmentally-conscious businesses.

Reinventing the circle

In a world that spends 522 billion USD on mobile phones and almost 140 billion USD on laptops and tablets that clutter our lives and our drawers, pollute the planet, the experience of owning such a device is far from ideal. Each such device generates 80 KG of CO2 equivalent to create and distribute. On top of that, there's the huge hassle of ownership as devices break, get lost, or stolen.

INKI offers a better alternative. With INKI, each rented device will always be professionally maintained and refurbished, maximising its life span. Furthermore, at the end of its life cycle, when recirculation is no longer possible, the device is recycled and its raw materials are reused to the fullest extent possible. As a result, utilising modern technology remains viable while simultaneously minimising its negative impact on the planet.

Frictionless is the word

Our aim is to completely transform device ownership. Because it's not pretty, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Unless you love to deal with broken devices, with sourcing the best price every time, with securing the data and preventing leaks, dealing with manufacturer warranty issues, storage or scraping, selling old devices and doing the necessary paperwork to recover the residual value, with making sure all of them are in your inventory and classified properly, then our service will come as a breath of fresh air to your company's operations. We deal with all the hassle and focus on always optimising logistics, so that you can benefit from a frictionless and an uninterrupted use of the devices.

More than logistics and devices

INKI is more than just a device-as-a-service provider. We are a community of innovative companies that adopt modern tools to become more agile and efficient. With INKI, you're not just getting devices - you're joining a community of like-minded businesses who value sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.


At its core, INKI is a group of people passionate about technology, logistics, and the circular economy model.

Our values

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