Frequently Asked Questions

What is INKI?

We are a device-as-a-service service provider. We offer office equipment such as laptops, tablets and phones to businesses via a long-term lease, with maintenance, security and insurance services included.

Is INKI a device leasing service?

No, INKI’s device-as-a-service model resembles more a long-term rental where we take care of all the operations associated with managing a fleet of devices. Unlike leasing, with INKI you are not tied to a fixed contract and you can return or replace any device at any time. Additionally, you get the support services required to keep the devices up and running, freeing your mind to focus on your growth.

Who can benefit from INKI?

Our services are available to companies of all sizes that pass an eligibility (credit scoring) check. They are not currently available to persons.

Where can you deliver and service the devices?

We can deliver and service our devices anywhere in the European Economic Area.

What kind of insurance is included in the service?

Our devices are covered by a comprehensive insurance package that covers any kind of accident, theft, loss or any kind of technical problem the device may have.

What is the first month instalment?

The first month instalment is designed to optimise cashflow and help lower the cost of the recurrent monthly payments. It is like a down payment, similar to what you might see on a car operational leasing contract. This is not an additional charge, nor is it a deposit, it is an integral part of your rental contract’s total cost. In practice, you will pay the first month instalment at the time of placing your order, and then the advertised monthly price starting the second month of your subscription.

Can I keep the device I rented?

The short answer is no. INKI's service is based on a circular economy model where each device, once returned, is refurbished and given a second life. Furthermore, we ensure that at the end of life, when refurbishment is no longer possible, the device is recycled and its raw materials are reused to the fullest extent possible. The only way we can implement this model is by collecting the devices at the end of the contract.

What is the rental term?

The rental term is practically monthly because you have the freedom to return, upgrade or downgrade the device anytime. The standard contractual term is 24 months but you can continue renting for up to 60 months.

How do I pay?

Our preferred payment methods are direct debit and recurring payment from the business card. The invoice is issued at the beginning of each rental month and the payment term is 7 days. The first invoice is paid in advance or, at the latest, with the delivery of the order.

Are the devices new or used?

Our devices are brand new.

Is our data accessible by INKI?

Not at all. We don't have access (and don't want to have access) to the data on any rented device.

How do you secure devices and their data?

Whenever possible, we deliver the devices with embedded protection through Mobile Device Management system. This enable remotely locking or wiping the devices in cases of data security incidents such as theft or loss, maximising the security of our devices and the data stored on them.

How can INKI help extend my company's runway?

If your company's mobile device fleet is relatively new - less than 1 year old (or sometimes up to 2 years old), INKI can potentially buy these devices from you, enroll them into our Device as a Service system, and rent them back to you. This process can be done without physically relocating the devices. By doing this, you can free up cash, convert fixed capital into a predictable expense, and significantly increase your company's agility!

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