From device acquisition to recycling, INKI manages the logistics of your fleet so that you can better focus on what matters

Your experience with INKI

You choose what devices you need

Start by choosing the ideal tools for your project. Use INKI's web shop or speak with one our device fleet specialists.

INKI delivers, wherever you are

Your devices are delivered anywhere in the European Union - a home office, an office building, a co-working space, or anywhere else.

Your data is always secure

Our devices are secured through direct integration with Apple Device Enrolment Program and Android Enterprise Zero-touch so that your data is as secure as possible.

Replace or return, any time

Do you need a device with more RAM for your new project? Or perhaps you want to return a device early? With INKI, returns and exchanges are always easy.

Covered by comprehensive insurance

All the devices you get from INKI are covered by a comprehensive insurance package so you don't get unexpected costs in cases of accidental damage, theft or loss.

Hardware maintenance, handled for you

With INKI, malfunctioning or broken devices will not create any extra hassle for you. INKI will pick up, repair (or replace), and deliver the devices back to their intended users.

Graceful decommissioning

With traditional device ownership, 70% of devices end up in the landfill. Not so with INKI - we ensure that once returned, each device is refurbished and utilised in the secondary market. And at the end, recycled so that up to 90% of its raw materials are reutilised.

Enjoy all of INKI's power
at your fingertips

As an INKI customer, you get access to a simple yet effective device management platform. Whether you're looking to service, secure, or replace your team's laptops, smartphones, or other tech gear, INKI's app makes it a breeze. Welcome to productivity 2.0 – where managing your tech is as simple as using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is INKI?

We are a device-as-a-service service provider. We offer office equipment such as laptops, tablets and phones to businesses via a long-term lease, with maintenance, security and insurance services included.

Is INKI a device leasing service?

No, INKI’s device-as-a-service model resembles more a long-term rental where we take care of all the operations associated with managing a fleet of devices. Unlike leasing, with INKI you are not tied to a fixed contract and you can return or replace any device at any time. Additionally, you get the support services required to keep the devices up and running, freeing your mind to focus on your growth.

Who can benefit from INKI?

Our services are available to companies of all sizes that pass an eligibility (credit scoring) check. They are not currently available to persons.

Where can you deliver and service the devices?

We can deliver and service our devices anywhere in the European Economic Area.

What kind of insurance is included in the service?

Our devices are covered by a comprehensive insurance package that covers any kind of accident, theft, loss or any kind of technical problem the device may have.

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